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As I’m not used to have an indoor cat, I have become quite concerned regarding my little girl’s nutrition since I want her to stay heathy and active. As soon as we got her, we bought Blue Buffalo Spa collection for kittens since it was what she was given at the animal shelter. So far it’s been working really well.

However, this week we almost ran out of wet food and had no time to go to the pet store so I figured to mix her current food with a sample of the Science Diet that we received from our vet. Katniss loved it! I even gave her the option once to choose between the two foods and she went straight for the Science Diet, no matter how many times I turned the plate. As Both me and my boyfriend thought the SD smelled better and had a nice moist texture, I figured I’d do a little research about the brand before deciding to completely switch. I did not like what I saw and decided not to continue to give my cat more of that food. It didn’t seem like the SD was any better than the food you buy cats in the grocery store and that the only thing you really pay for is the name.

I decided it was better to stay with Blue Buffalo. However, after all that research, I got worried about the “meat by-products” as well as various fillers like artificial preservatives, corn, wheat and soy most companies put in their pet foods. Blue Buffalo offers a series called Wilderness which is a protein-rich cat food with a higher concentration of meat that fits in to my criteria. It has been getting great reviews and since kitten food is included in the series as well, I figured to give it a try. Today was the first day I gave Katniss a little bit of the wilderness canned food mixed with her regular food. I will gradually keep introducing her to this and hopefully she responds well to it.

I was choosing between Wellness and Wildness but chose the latter one for convenience. If anyone knows how big the difference is between the two, please let me know.


Katniss is playing on the couch after a yummy meal.