It’s so nice to wake up to this little creature, all passed out next to me. She’s really becoming a big girl these days and I don’t only mean size-wise.

She has the cutest morning routine. First thing she wants to do is to cuddle. It usually starts with K (since he’s the one who gets up early). She will only cuddle with him and let me be if I’m still sleeping (good girl) but if I’m also awake, she will make sure that both of her parents gets an equal share of that love by walking back and forth between us. Then she always wants to follow K to the bathroom. What they do in there will remain private 😉 but sometimes I hear them talk to each other in there which always cracks me up. She will continue to keep K company until he goes to work. As soon as he leaves, she goes back to bed and stays there with me until I get up. The picture below is from this morning when she had fallen back to sleep next to me.