I can highly recommend Blue Buffalo non-clumping pellets. The pellets are biodegradable and are walnut basted, which makes it one of the few litters that you can can actually flush down the toilet. Yaay! I know it is a bit pricier than most litters but it comes with so many advantages:

  1. It’s dust free. No need to worry about your little kitty inhaling the dust from the litter while scratching around the box.
  2. Extremely low tracking. You may find a couple of pellets outside the litter box every week but that’s about it.
  3. Biodegradable = environment friendly. Just imagine how much litter you sent to the land fills during the life span of your cat.
  4. Good odor control 
  5. Does not stain your cat’s paws which the Blue Buffalo clumping litters is said to do.

The only issue is the price and that it’s hard to clean up areas where the cat has done it’s #1. Because of it’s biodegradable ability, the pellets falls apart in contact with fluids. Luckily, we found Purina’s Breeze Litter System which solved both of our problems. It is the ideal system for people that prefer pellets. Small openings at the bottom leads the fluid down to a separate tray so it doesn’t get absorbed by the pellets. The urine is quickly absorbed by an odor-controlling pad in the tray. Now the litter box demands very low maintenance and the litter does not need to be changed every week anymore.

Note: I can ONLY recommend the Blue Buffalo pellets. I tossed the included Purina pellets in the trash!

We give this combination 5 paws up