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My poor little baby started to feel worse during the day so our vet thought it was best if we brought her in for a check up. Turned out she had a fever which we were suspecting. The vet did several tests on her, including feline leukemia. Luckily they were all negative and she was instead diagnosed with a virus. She’s being treated with antibiotics (Clavamox) and I can already tell she’s doing better, even though it’s just been a few hours since the first dose.


Unfortunately, it is very common for kittens that were separated from their mothers too early to have a weak imune system. It has to do with the weaning process where the kittens development requires the mothers milk in order to receive enough nutrition. Let’s all cross our fingers that Katniss will remain healthy and live a long & happy life!


This weekend we brought Katniss to New Hampshire. Everything went well until she started to throw up on Sunday night. We got a little worried but since she played around right after, we figured that it probably only were a hair ball or that she ate her food too fast.

It is now Thursday and she is not acting the same at all. She seems spaced out, only wants to sleep and completely lost her appetite. This is a really bad sign since Katniss LOVES her food. She does drink and use the bathroom as usual but that’s about it.

We did call the vet and are waiting for them to get back to us.


It’s Friday and Mommy just told me they are soon going to leave me for the weekend. Mommy has been packing some of my stuff and that always means somethings up. Apparently they are going to New York while I get to stay in Boston and play at their friends house. First time we spend this much time away from each other. Going to be fun to see if they are even able to sleep without me on their pillows. Hihihi They better not get used to it too much!

Have a great weekend!

I’m so happy that we adopted. This was once Katniss:

Katniss with her new buddy Rue ♥

How cute is this?

Some days it feels extra good to be an indoor cat